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#Kerala Interesting #Destination #3 #Kakkathuruthu Island(Crow Island)
  • Post on June 1, 2020

#Kakkathuruthu island, popularly know as Crow Island in Malayalam, is a beautiful tiny island in the #Vembanadlake accessible only by country boats. Located in the #Alleppey district of Kerala, this island offers a haven for bird watchers and beautiful place for Nature lovers with its lush coconut groves. Kakkathuruthu island is different from other islands of the Lake Vembanad because of the pure water available in its wells and canals. Thekkumthara one of the main spots on this island is a favorite rendezvous of birds. #Kakkathuruthu island at sunset has been listed in #NationalGeographic ‘Around the World in 24 Hours‘, a #photographic tour of travel-worthy spots across the world. Image may contain: sky, ocean, outdoor, water and nature, text that says "Best place on earth AT 6 PM Kakkathuruthu" The charm of the small island is its sea-green waters and the absence of tarred roads. All kinds of birds swarm at this place as it's filled with plenty of fish and a variety of grain. Some natives claim that years ago, crows were the only inhabitants here and that was how the island got its name Kakkathuruthu. About eight hundred people from around three hundred families dwell in this island. This island is three kilometers long and one kilometer wide. The inhabitants of this island follow an interesting lifestyle. Almost all houses have a country boat of their own and walking is the only means of conveyance. Tiny green isles and small ponds in which light blue flower bloom are some of the delightful sights of this island. Kakkathuruthu Village Tour (Major Attractions) 1. TENDER COCONUT #Tendercoconut water is rich in vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. These helps the body to restore the essential electrolytes. On a hot summer day, electrolytes are lost due to sweating and this makes you feel all drained out. Tender coconut helps you to replenish them and make you feel more refreshed. 2.FISHING WITH CASTNET It involves raising fish commercially in tanks or enclosures such as fish ponds, mainly for food. It is the principal form of aquaculture, while other methods may fall under mariculture. Throughout the world, the most important fish species produced in fish farming are carp, tilapia, salmon, and catfish. 3.CRAB FARM VISIT On the island, there is a well-maintained crab farm where fattening of the crabs are naturally done. We can enjoy catching of the crabs weighing 500gms to 3 kgs from the farm with the help of extremely friendly, loving and lovable villagers. 4.FISH FARM VISIT On the island, there is a well-maintained Karimeen farm where the fattening of the Karimeen is naturally done. We can enjoy catching of the Karimeen weighing 100gms from the farm. 5.WEAVING COCONUT LEAVES Coconut leaves are weaved by village women, watching them do it with great expertise in a very relaxed, cool and jovial manner is interesting. Weaved coconut leaves are used for thatching the roof and fencing. 6.COIR MAKING Here, coir is made traditionally. By soaking ripe coconut husks in water. You can have a look at the Loom, the only equipment used in the traditional coir making by village women. 7.BASKET MAKING Basket making is a dying art, only a few craftsmen know how to make traditional baskets. These were also used by the villagers over here, to separate clam meat and the shell. 8.CLAM MEAT PROCESSING Clams are shellfish found in the brackish waters. Many of the inhabitants of Kakkathuruthu relays on clam meat processing for their livelihood. Usually, the entire family members are taking part in this job. Usually, men collect the clam fish from the backwaters while the ladies steam the clamshell to separate the meat from the shell. 9.TODDY TAPPING Toddy with X an alcohol content of about 8.1% and is considered natural alcohol, and a health drink in Kerala. This agrarian task of climbing palm trees is performed by a particular sect of society. 10.BIRD WATCHING In Kakkathuruthu we can see different types of birds such as Kingfisher, Crane, Eagle, Mynah, Erget, Watercrow, etc. 11.VILLAGE WALK A walk through the lush greenery fills your mind and soul with its freshness. #Village Life Experience Packages of Responsible Tourism, an initiative from the government offers you a chance to walk through the muddy roads of Kakkathuruthu and to surrender yourselves to its enthralling beauty. 12.BOATING The scenic backwaters of Kakkathuruthu comprise serene stretches of #lakes and #lagoons located near to Kumbalangi. The backwater regions of Kakkathuruthu are one of the most popular #touristdestinationsintheworld. 13.POPULAR FOODS KARIMEEN POLLICHATH (Pearl spot ) PRAWNS ULARTHIYATH OONU (LUNCH) (Food is served on a banana leaf) One of the lively areas to be visited.Take a tour to Kakkathuruth and enjoy its beauty, as its beauty is beyond explanation. For more details visit https://www.travelhousekerala.com/ Call +919846099398, 9946099398